Medical appointments are made for a reason. If you skip your scheduled medical appointments, not only may your health suffer but your Workers’ Compensation case will as well. If you must miss, call the doctor’s office and tell them why you cannot make the appointment and attempt to reschedule. Even in a blizzard, when all other businesses are closed, often the doctor is in and you can never assume they are not there waiting for you. A “no-call/no-show” looks bad at trial. There may be legitimate reasons for missing work. We have clients that are out of work and do not have dependable transportation. We have clients that rely on others for assistance. Other medical issues arise as do personal events such as funerals, emergencies and such. The point is that you should make every effort to attend your appointments but immediately call to explain and reschedule if you cannot attend. Lawyers, adjusters, employers and (most importantly) judges are skeptical of individuals who claim to be hurt but are not attending 100% of their health care visits. It send the signal that either the person does not want to improve or maybe is not really with a serious condition to start with. Do not let that appearance happen to you with your judge.