Practice Areas

Overview of our Law Practice areas…

Everyone that is hurt by the fault of another has rights. We will sit and talk with everyone for free every time and take cases of sufficient merit with significant and real and tangible injuries.

We help people who are fighting with insurance companies. We help people who are not being paid what the law says they should be paid. We take workers’ compensation claims, people being low-balled in auto accidents, people who were injured because someone else was careless or wreckless.  If you believe you have a case, you have the right to talk to a lawyer who can fight for you. A lawyer who can get you what you deserve. Don’t settle with an insurance company without the advice of a lawyer. Remember, insurance companies are no tin business to give away money. It os not in your best interest to settle quickly.

It is in your best financial interest to make sure your future is protected. Call or contact Steve today for a free case evaluation.

Personal Injury

Personal injury law allows you (an injured plaintiff) to get compensation when someone else’s negligent or intentional act caused you (the plaintiff) harm.

Unfair Insurance Practices

Unfair claims practice is the improper avoidance of a claim by an insurer or an attempt to reduce the size of the claim. By engaging in unfair claims practices an insurer tries to reduce its costs. However, this is illegal in Nebraska and Iowa.

Workers’ Compensation

If an you (as an employee) are injured on the job, then the employer – or their insurance company – must pay compensation to you (the employee).

We will fight tirelessly for you and your loved ones

If you want to be represented by the most dedicated law firm for your case then do not hesitate. Get the compensation you deserve.

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